America, You’ve Got it Wrong!

by Meggie Whitney

I turn on the news to see the words “Women in Combat” flashing everywhere on the screen. You’ve got to be kidding me, right?  I turn off the TV.

Then I sit down at the kitchen table. I am neatly dressed, as usual, in a suit and tie, and I cross my legs and sip my coffee while reading the morning paper. But come on! Here, too?  I thought I got rid of all this junk when I shut the television off.  I shake my head as my wife walks up in her salmon-colored dress with matching high heels and quietly asks if I’d like more coffee.   No, thank you, hon. I am too distracted by all this news on the policy change allowing women to serve in combat to bother with more coffee.

U.S. Department of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta voted to lift the ban on women in combat. The secretary claimed that this decision catches the policy up to what’s already happening on the battlefield. When this law is fully enforced as of May 2013, the United States military will change forever.

Think about this for a minute. Women? Carrying guns? America, we’re going in the wrong direction! Who cares if women can technically do the job? Or, actually, already are doing the job, in a lot of cases… It’s not their job! It’s a man’s job! The idea that women have gained “rights” as a part of the United States military (Women at War) is something I’ve heard over and over again. Equality between the sexes has nothing to do with providing these rights to women—our rights mean something, too! Apparently some people don’t agree with me; President Barack Obama reported his thoughts in a statement he made about the policy change: “Today, every American can be proud that our military will grow even stronger, with our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters playing a greater role in protecting this country we love” (“White House”).

But if we love the country so much, why are we trying to destroy it? The thought that women actually believe they are fit for a man’s job irritates me. As I learn more about this situation, it becomes apparent that this idea is now accepted by not only these women, but by the president and, surveys show, the majority of American citizens as well. What is this world coming to?

My very own father was ranked as a captain in the Army. I can just picture his reaction to this ridicule. He is tossing and turning in his grave, I am sure, but then again, how can I know, since I can’t exactly ask him. Anyway, you’d think more people would listen to men like me who understand what the military is like—through hearsay rather than experience. All this nonsense about how adrenaline can carry women through the tasks within a combat unit is actually getting old. Women simply do not have the strength, both physically and mentally, to go through those dangerous situations that combat brings.

Although I grew up hearing and learning about the United States Army, I think that the Marine Corps is thinking more clearly on the subject than any other branch.  For example, a memo the Marine Corps memo released in February warned that standards might be lowered for these highly specialized positions in combat units. The congressional report and the Marine Corps memo urged that standards should not be simplified or lowered to allow more women to qualify for these jobs.  Now, these are the concerns I am talking about! But let’s take it even further and say that we won’t have to deal with any of these problems if we don’t allow the policy change in the first place. This is the only obvious solution because standards aren’t even a question.

As for physical ability, there is just no way that men and women can even compare. I am thinking about the ridiculous Army Physical Fitness Test. Women can pass with a minimum of nineteen push-ups, while a man has to complete a minimum of forty- two. To be quite honest, I don’t think women can even do push-ups. Don’t they have to do them on their knees or something? If women get to perform that much less in a simple test, then it should be obvious to leap to this conclusion: they will underachieve in actual combat as well.

Some people will note that the policy change states that women and men will be “exerting the same amount of energy.” I think people are taking this the wrong way. I understand that they are trying to make it equal, but they are making it unfair for males. If you think about it logically, females cannot and never will be able to exert even close to the same amount of energy as the opposite sex. That means women should stick to jobs they are meant for. Please, women, take care of your children and put dinner on the table. It shouldn’t be that hard. Military women should enjoy the fact that they aren’t expected to do much, or to advance their careers, or contribute in an equal way. I really need to publicly speak about this; maybe more people will understand and support my concerns if I just voice them.

Military officials keep claiming they need more women involved. Something about them being able to talk to the Middle Eastern women? I don’t know, I think that those foreigners can just get over themselves and allow the men to talk to them. Anyway, women are supposed to please men. That’s how it’s always been, so why change that now? I will never understand. If women are fully integrated into the troops, it’s almost guaranteed that nothing good will come out of it for the country. Women already complain about not having equal rights, so I definitely agree with the groups of military officials who believe sexual harassment cases will rise. Women just seem to think they can get everything they want, as well, by charging what I believe to be innocent men with harassment. Men join the military to serve our country, not to deal with women being dramatic.

As I have mentioned a few times in this small rant, women have a place in this world, and it is not on the battlefield, where they can clearly demonstrate that they are just as brave as the brave men who already risk their lives.  I mean, what’s next? A woman president?

I think I will have some more coffee now.  Honey? Honey?