Contributors’ Notes

Carolina de Armas was born into a very tight-knit, storytelling family in Ponce, Puerto Rico.  She declared herself an English and history double major and is currently hoping to concentrate in creative writing. Carolina’s essay explains her family’s struggles throughout the Puerto Rican economic crisis in response to a personal narrative drawing on a moment when she felt like an outsider. As for her family and writing career, Carolina wishes to keep telling their stories.

Gabriela Socarras is from Miami, Florida. She decided to write about Lululemon’s brand image and brand image strategy due to his concern for the company targeting a specific body image. She attempts to portray that a larger targeted audience for their product would not only make their brand more inclusive but also increase their revenue.

Morgan Biles is from Prairie Village, Kansas. She is a Political Science and Communications major who enjoys reading mysteries, hammocking and discovering new coffee shops. An assignment about literary narratives prompted this piece about her favorite childhood bookstore.

John Buck, from Rochester, New York, is an English major. Since the age of five, he’s been mesmerized with the art of stories, and the rich worlds and characters that inhabit them. Currently, John serves as lead writer on an indie, massively multiplayer online game and hopes to continue to learn the art of storytelling while at BC. The assignment that led to this essay was to write a personal narrative based on an uncomfortable conversation.

Maggie Chipman hails from Norfolk, MA and is studying communication with a minor in management & leadership. In her first year, she particularly enjoyed her writing-centered courses such as Intro to American Studies and FWS. In her downtime, Maggie sings with the BC Sharps. Maggie’s profile essay of Stacy Garrity, an alum, parent, and guest lecturer in the Connell School of Nursing exemplifies her interests in journalism and personal narratives.

James Coffey is from Westborough, Massachusetts, about 30 miles west of BC and is a rising sophomore. While he cites Professor Ainsworth’s Freshman Writing Seminar as a formative class in his first year at BC, James has recently declared his major as economics and also looks to add a minor in finance. He’s an avid Boston sports fan and loves to play pickup basketball at the Plex. This assignment was a rhetorical analysis; an essay comparing the differing viewpoints between two news sources regarding the same topic.

Katelyn Davenport resides in Franklin, MA and is a self-proclaimed orchestra nerd and violist of over 10 years. When she isn’t proudly leading her section in the Boston College Symphony Orchestra or participating in the Chamber Music Society, you can find her juggling her love of music and writing with her other love for nursing. This First Year Writing assignment asked students to analyze a piece of music, and Katelyn was thrilled that she could return to her artistic roots and share her interpretation of one of her all-time favorite pieces, Ashokan Farewell.

Alfred DiGregorio is from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He is a Biochemistry major with particular interests in Organic Chemistry and the study of antibiotic resistance. The assignment that led to this essay was to create a multi-genre project that discusses the themes found in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Katherine Fraser is from Dallas, Texas and contrary to popular Texan stereotypes, she does not ride a horse to school nor does she speak with a country twang. She is an iced coffee devotee (no matter the weather), a wannabe chef, and a member of the BC Women’s Rowing Team. Although Katherine has declared a double major in Political Science and Spanish, she is certain that writing will always maintain an important role in her future, as she has been an avid reader and writer since her early childhood. Katherine’s essay, which responded to an assignment that prompted students to inquire about the world and research their curiosities, discusses the environment and sentiments associated with cemeteries.

Josh Horowitz-Benoit is from Willington, Connecticut. Josh is a biology major and Hispanic studies minor who enjoys going to the Plex and playing guitar. He is a die-hard New England Patriots fan, which is why he chose to write his research paper on the NFL. While football culture and the people brought up in the paper were familiar to Josh, the legal technicalities behind the policies discussed were more complex than he thought and took significant research to understand fully.

Ruoyu Lin is a Math & Econ major, who had planned to study French. He enjoys the Boston winter more than the food from Mac. The assignment was a personal narrative, the last assignment of Professor Adair’s Freshman Writing Seminar. It was inspired by his personal experience with music during high school in Charlottesville, VA.

Carys O’Kelly-Lynch is originally from Dublin, Ireland but now resides in Boston, Massachusetts. She is an economics major and women & gender studies minor, hoping to find a career that combines her interest in both business and social justice. Her paper critically analyzed the unwitting censorship of the late Rafael Soriano’s work in the McMullen Art Museum and was a response to an event report assignment.

Ellie Spizzuoco is a communications major from Maine at Boston College. The assignment for this essay was titled “Meditation on Place.” Students were asked to write about a location at Boston College describing it in a way that would inspire an upperclassman to see a familiar place on campus in a new or different way. In her piece, Ellie meditates on the Plex pool where she works as a lifeguard. Of Ellie’s Dever Award winning essay, judges wrote, “the simple but evocative writing makes an ordinary scene astonishingly new to readers through observations and mathematical metaphors.”

Andrew Wilson is from Walnut Creek, California. Currently, in the University Wind Ensemble and on the Men’s Club Water Polo team, he also loves to discuss topics related to his political science major. His essay, a look at the implications of culinary ignorance, was centered around his curiosity of the cultural artifact of bubble tea.

Cassandra Pearson is from Chatham, New York and enjoys studying Communication and Music at BC. Outside of the classroom, she is someone who loves to sing in Chorale, play the flute, and laugh. She also is an explorer who loves to hike, which led to her writing this research paper on our National Parks. The assignment was a researched essay on a topic of our choosing. I chose to research and discuss the overpopulation and degradation in our National Parks. The conclusion features some possible solutions to the problem at hand. When I thought about writing on National Parks I initially wanted to make it about something positive since my experiences have been great. However, I found that the honest truth needed to be revealed. Writing about the challenges that face National Parks due to overpopulation was eye opening and made me want to help save the flora and fauna being affected. I really appreciated feedback from Professor Ainsworth who helped guide me to shape the paper the way that made the most sense. My favorite part of the paper was also the most challenging; coming up with possible solutions to solve this degradation. I enjoyed having to think and be creative, though it required time and thoughtful reflection.

Stephen is from a lovely town in Massachusetts with cranberry bogs, farms, and n o t h i n g else. He loves Boston and enjoys walks on the common. The assignment that prompted this essay was a personal narrative reflection paper. He’d like to thank his teacher Grace Arenas for helping him in the processes of writing, and his friends for helping talk out this piece.