Letter to the Editor

by Kyle Mak

My first 7 weeks at Boston College have been filled with new living experiences. I found it strange doing laundry, waking up by myself, and eating on my own schedule. I can now say I am used to college life, except for one thing that still bothers me—getting into the bathroom.

Since my arrival to the first floor of Fitzpatrick, I have found it extremely tedious taking out my Eagle One Card, touching it to the pad, and typing in my code each time I enter the bathroom. What’s more? I can’t use my card to enter the bathroom of other dorms even if it is right down the hall. Talk about convenience. Countless times, people have asked me, or I have asked people to let me into the bathroom because the card did not work on that lock. This elicited the same annoyed withdrawal of the card. Why is it that we need to type in a code to enter a bathroom? And why can’t I use the bathrooms on other floors and other dorms?

Life would be much easier if we could just flash our IDs against the sensor. There is no reason for students to have to type in codes. Students are realizing the trouble that it takes, and many have started to prop open the doors with garbage bins. We are finding ways around the use of the codes, so why not get rid of it completely? Bathrooms are a place that people should be able to enter with ease, especially if they go to this school. Seriously, we should be able to go when we have to go.