Mind & Body

Fitting sixteen minds into one body proved easier than we thought. When crowning prized submissions with the beautiful three-letter word—yes—no divine inspiration had granted us an overarching theme. But after we polished sixteen final drafts, the light bulb finally flashed on.

It’s no surprise that we college students are preoccupied with ourselves. We’ve been called self-obsessed narcissists by authors, screenwriters, teachers, and maxed-out (in credit cards and sanity) parents since day one. And that’s just the PG version.

This year essayists turned inward, pen first, down Candid Lane with a series of reflections on their most vulnerable possessions: their minds and bodies.

Exploring the effects—from intangible to Facebook-visual—of social media, technology, art, exercise, and love, these student writers have uncovered an inner strength as inerasable as fresh ink.

– Andrea Fitzgerald ’17 & Kaitlin Astrella ’16