Teacher’s Guide

Teacher’s Guide Table of Contents

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Oryx and Crake: Who Runs the World? – C. Yung (2)
A Sonic Protest: The Political Might of Music Videos – A. Anderson (3)
Identity, Confinement, and Love: Reflecting with the Bodhisattva – Y. Hayashi (4)
Unladylike Behaviors: The Evolution of Women in Comedy- D. Canales (5)
For the Love of Frappuccinos: Why Consumers Consent to Addiction – A. Spitz (6)


Love Me, Love Me Not: Complexities of Marriage in Contemporary Japan – S. Kawamata (7)
Sexual Harassment on Blast: When Dating Apps and Social Media Turn Toxic – E. Oss (8)
Meet Me in the Middle: Rights of the Deaf vs. Convenience for the Hearing – G. Chandra (9)
Green Deal or No Deal? – A. Wermers (10)

Narratives and Meditations

Silver-Tongued – C. Michel (11)
My Papa With the Trembling Hand – A. Harmon (12)
Welcoming the Sound of Silence – I. Kehl (13)
Love is Never a Stranger – Y. Kim (14)
An Upside Down Puzzle – A. Thomson (15)

Reading Responses and Conversations

Comics in Response to Literature, by O. Landefeld and S. Mills (16)
COVID-19: Conversation through Comics, by O. Columbo and M. Notarini (17)

Other Resources for First Year Writers (18)