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Green Deal or No Deal? – Aneesa Wermers

Essay Category: Research

Green Deal or No Deal is a topical and compelling research essay about the proposed Green New Deal to address climate change. The student was assigned a persuasive research essay about a controversial topic, and chose to write about the Green New Deal because it combined climate change solutions and issues in government. 

The author has a clear opinion on the subject, and her research is effective in arguing for her opinion. She is able to cover a broad range of sub-topics that arise within the Green New Deal, and her analysis of the partisan divide surrounding the issue offers refreshing insight. She attempts to tackle a dense topic and is fairly effective in articulating the debate, but the essay leaves room for deeper and more thorough analysis. 

Effective research that delivers a clear message is evident in this quote: “Republicans who heard about the Green New Deal more than once a week through conservative channels, like Fox News, were more likely to be against the Green New Deal (Gustafson). Hearing about the bill from traditionally conservative news reports, further polarized the proposal and led to stronger opposition from the Republican Party.”

What Assignments to Use Essay For:

  • Political and Social Commentary
  • Academic Writing
  • Research