Teacher’s Guide

Love is Never a Stranger – Y. Kim

Essay Category: Narratives and Meditations

Love is Never a Stranger is an honest and reflective personal narrative about family dynamics, mental health, and love. This student was assigned a personal narrative for First Year Writing Seminar that examined community and connection. 

This essay presents a moving portrayal of family relationships and the different ways love is expressed and experienced. By reflecting back on his childhood memories and emotions, the author is able to effectively personify love. This personification stands as one of the essay’s greatest strengths, as it also reveals the author’s understanding of love as complex and multidimensional. While the beginning of the essay is detailed and honest, the conclusion could be strengthened if it were further developed. 

The author’s effective personification of love is evident in this quote: “While Love was painting a self-portrait with affectionate red and tender orange through my mom, it seemed to paint the exact opposite through my dad, with harsh black and indifferent grey.” 

What Assignments to Use Essay For:

  • Narrative
  • Cultural Analysis
  • Conversations Between Writers (paired with My Papa with the Trembling Hand, A Sonic Protest, or Welcoming the Sound of Silence)
  • Family