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Oryx and Crake: Who Runs the World? – Celine Yung

Essay Category: Analysis

Oryx and Crake: Who Runs the World? is a creative and analytical documented essay on Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake and the character of pigoons. This student was assigned a free form prompt to devise their own question about any of the texts read in their class, a Literature Core on the Apocalypse and the End of the World. 

The author writes with clear diction and a focus on character analysis. The author combines the absurd and the fantastic in a way that allows the reader to reflect on the meaning of complicated characters made of fiction. With a clear question and a clear answer, this is a useful essay to teach creative documented analysis.

Strengths of this documented essay are evident in the following: “In Atwood’s hunting scene, the pigoons’ overpowering of humans challenges the hierarchical relationship established between the two species in Jimmy’s world, which championed humans and marginalized pigoons. Despite the hunting scene’s display of the pigoons’ power through their intimidation of humans, Snowman metaphorically belittles the pigoons, expressing his denial of their power.”

What Assignments to Use Essay For:

  • Academic Writing