Teacher’s Guide

A Sonic Protest: The Political Might of Music Videos – Ada Anderson

Essay Category: Analysis

A Sonic Protest: The Political Might of Music Videos is a creative and critical music anthology which analyzes the lyrics and music videos that address social issues. This was designed in a very effective multimedia platform on MediaKron. The student was assigned a cultural analysis prompt to delve into the impact of people and media on culture.

The author uses the multimedia platform to her advantage by providing a wide range of evidence to convey her powerful and timely message. The author’s writing is as sharp as her analysis, making the piece easy to read and interesting to follow.

A particularly strong part of the essay is evidenced here: “Is Generation Z a more progressive cohort than previous generations? Or have Americans lost faith in our government and now are searching for different outlets of leadership? Either way, what these artists are doing for our country is important. Musical platforms are a new form of social education that is being explored everyday when it is played over speakers, through our earbuds, and with complementary music videos.”

What Assignments to Use Essay For:

  • Political and Social Commentary
  • Sexism, Misogyny, and Gender
  • Cultural Analysis
  • Academic Writing
  • Conversations Between Writers (paired with Love is Never a Stranger)