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Unladylike Behaviors: The Evolution of Women in Comedy- Daniela Canales

Essay Category: Analysis

Unladylike Behaviors: The Evolution of Women in Comedy is a brutally honest and humorously poignant analysis of modern day feminism and its intersection with the field of stand-up comedy. This student was assigned to write a cultural analysis for her First Year Writing Seminar. She decided to write about the dynamic between feminist ideals, comedy, and sex.

Well-researched, immediately interesting, and compelling in its analysis, this essay brings together the main ingredients of a great research paper. Although it could have benefited from deeper analysis on distinctions within this specific subculture, the author effectively conveys a meaningful analysis with a unique angle with strong writing.

The author’s strong writing style and effective means of conveying her message are evident in the following excerpt: “Stand-up comedy was never meant to be a career for the weak. That is why women are taking it over. Today, women have the ability to speak their minds as they please, and audiences around the world are thrilled. Talking about sex gives women a platform that they have never had before. It may not be the classiest or most lady-like way to behave on stage, but in the 21st century, it is time to accept women as they are, give them the freedom to say what they want, and open the dialogue for issues once considered to be “too risque” for the stage.”

What Assignments to Use Essay For:

  • Political and Social Commentary
  • Sexism, Misogyny, and Gender
  • Cultural Analysis
  • Academic Writing
  • Research