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For the Love of Frappuccinos: Why Consumers Consent to Addiction – Alexa Spitz

Essay Category: Analysis

For the Love of Frappuccinos: Why Consumers Consent to Addiction is a smart and snarky analysis of consumer culture in America. This student was assigned a documented essay prompt on any topic of their choice. The author used this opportunity to reflect and express herself while analyzing a topic that is relatable to everyone who reads it.

The author writes directly and assertively, backed up by research, on a topic that most people tend to brush aside. The author gets readers to think deeper and question daily habits and why we choose them. While adolescent slang does not normally fit the mold of a documented research paper, the author aptly connects terminology to her subject matter.

Strengths of the essay are evident in the following quote: “Through the creation of fun flavors and post-worthy products, Starbucks has conquered the world with caffeine culture. That being said, society is not blind to the absurdities of its own habits. A day does not go by in which consumers do not rant about the obscene prices, workout inducing calorie counts, and inevitable caffeine dependency that accompanies Starbucks coffee. This undeniable negativity surrounding Starbucks’ products begs the question: Why have we not declared war on Frappuccinos?”

What Assignments to Use Essay For:

  • Political and Social Commentary
  • Cultural Analysis
  • Academic Writing
  • Research