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Love Me, Love Me Not: Complexities of Marriage in Contemporary Japan – Seika Kawamata

Essay Category: Research

Love Me, Love Me Not: Complexities of Marriage in Contemporary Japan is a thoughtful social commentary on love, gender, and marriage. This student was assigned a research paper in her Complex Problems Course on English and Literature, where she needed to work collaboratively on a specific subject.

This essay is critical in its analysis and emotive in its understanding, as the author drew from her Japanese heritage to write on a topic of cultural importance. The author’s connection to the essay’s material and its substantial research backing are its greatest strengths, but it also leaves space for improvement in delving deeper into the socio-economic relations of culture and marriage.

Poignant social analysis is evidenced by this quote: “The idea of the career oriented woman was established as a result of economic necessity and circumstance, but after it was deemed socially acceptable, it worked to further perpetuate the low marriage rate by extinguishing the pressure for women to choose marriage over a career.”

What Assignments to Use Essay For:

  • Political and Social Commentary
  • Sexism, Misogyny, and Gender
  • Cultural Analysis
  • Academic Writing
  • Research