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Sexual Harassment on Blast: When Dating Apps and Social Media Turn Toxic – Emma Oss

Essay Category: Research

Sexual Harassment on Blast: When Dating Apps and Social Media Turn Toxic is a timely social commentary on sexism on dating apps and in social media. This student was assigned a research paper and was instructed to pick a topic on an aspect of society that people find funny, but is not funny in reality.

This essay is critically views the aspects of adolescent life that we’ve grown to accept, and backs up its critiques with research on why accepted behaviors have led to sexual harassment and misogyny. The essay’s strengths are its relevant material and clear writing to convey a strong position. This essay could have gone further in some areas to provide deeper insight rather than rely on simpler definitions of the points at hand.

Strong analysis and a clear sense of direction are seen in this quote: “Social media pages promote the agendas of those feeling “masculine identity threat” because if they do not get the responses they want from women, they can send racy messages instead to try and make it onto these platforms. They are able to regain control by getting onto these sites and get the attention that they were unable to get from the original woman.”

What Assignments to Use Essay For:

  • Political and Social Commentary
  • Sexism, Misogyny, and Gender
  • Cultural Analysis
  • Academic Writing
  • Research