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Meet Me in the Middle: Rights of the Deaf vs. Convenience for the Hearing – Grace Chandra

Essay Category: Research

Meet Me in the Middle: Rights of the Deaf vs. Convenience for the Hearing is a thoughtful and persuasive analysis on the divide between the Deaf and hearing communities. The student was assigned an argumentative research essay for her First Year Writing Seminar. She was inspired to write on this particular topic because of her concurrent Enduring Questions classes on disabilities. 

This essay is thorough in it’s examination of Deaf culture and the debate surrounding Cochlear Implants. The essay’s strengths are its critical analysis of the hearing community and extensive research. One of the essay’s weaknesses is its introduction, although it could be expanded and edited further to strengthen it.

The author effectively uses her research to persuade readers to consider a new perspective, as seen in this quote: “What is needed to move forward is not a newer, sleeker solution, but a shift in perspective. Instead of focusing on ways to make deaf persons’ hearing, society should evaluate the larger picture and focus its resources upon exploring ways that allow the Deaf community to interact with the hearing community without altering their natural state.”

What Assignments to Use Essay For:

  • Political and Social Commentary
  • Cultural Analysis
  • Academic Writing
  • Research