Volume 14, No. 1

Volume 14, No.1

Narrative and Meditation

In the Midst of Silence, by Jennifer Truong
It’s a Girl!, by Anya Ciarametaro
When the Horizon Swallowed My Sister, by Julia Di Capua
Wanting to Cry, by Daniel T. Lyle
Tradition, Family, and Inevitable Smoke, by Allyson LaConte
First Encounter with the Little Ochre Soldiers, by Jim Hill


Earth’s Eminent Doom!, by Rebecca Gioioso
Would You Watch This?, by Yoshika Wason
Jay-Z is Modernity’s William Shakespeare, by Jovani Hernandez
Skateboarders: A Public Menace?, by Leslie Perlera
Bars, by Brianna Cooley
America, You’ve Got it Wrong!, by Meggie Whitney

Researched Explorations

Wielding the Six-Stringed Axe, by Michael Lipari
I Want a Burger!, by Jun Yu Lin
Fast Food Mania, by Ellery Spencer
A Problem of Our Own Creation, by Jaimie Carvalho

Spotlight on…Education

Google: Searching for Educational Reform, by Catherine Mears
Open to Page One, by John Gabelus
Class Size: Cliché or Reason for Debate, by Katrina Amaral
Consumers of Education, by Kimberlyn Austin
Orgulloso, by Luis Torres
Stereotypical, by Frank Taylor

One Writer, Two Essays

The SAT & ACT: Measurements Of Affluence, Not Aptitude &
Surf’s Up, So Cool Down (About Global Warning)
by Ryan M. Banning

Fresh Ink Classics

The Ramp &
Mom’s Tutorial &
Still, They Persist: The Failures of Operation Gatekeeper
by Eddy Hernandez-Perez, BC ’10
(FWS Dever Prize Winner, 2007 — see Fresh Ink Archives, 2007)

Duty, Honor, Country by Sarah Messer

Contributors’ Notes