Volume 15 Contributors’ Notes

Akshata Bailkeri, from South Brunswick, NJ, is a Finance/Accounting major who also plans to minor in French. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor sports, watching Suits and reading anything she can get her hands on, especially if it relates to politics or current events. She decided to write about the varying perspectives of media during the Iraq War as a research paper for First Year Writing Seminar. Writing this particular paper took a lot of research as it was often difficult to find accurate data from the Middle East. The topic itself was interesting, but complex, which made it challenging to represent all the information in an objective manner. However, crafting this essay taught me a lot of important skills, such as modifying my writing styles and effective research, that I will continue to use in the future.

Brysen Boyd is from Tacoma, WA, and is a Physics and English major that he wants to be a mix of Alan Ball, Vince Gilligan, Mike White, and Shonda Rhimes. He also wishes for HBO to employ him one day. Brysen wrote this personal essay because he wanted people to stop romanticizing a past that did not happen.

Lindsey Chou is from Franklin, MA. She is an Applied Psychology and English double major who is fueled primarily by Nutella and Netflix. She wrote this essay when she was assigned to write an ethnography about an online community. Though still learning about sexism and gender issues, Lindsey finds the subject to be equal parts fascinating and infuriating. The research done for this essay was no exception, and provided greater insight into larger discussions about sexism.

Nick Charbonneau is from Narrangansett, Rhode Island and is currently studying biology in the hopes of one day becoming a physician. Having grown up in a beach town in the Ocean State, Nick reveals his profound respect for the sea in the writing of his personal narrative. After several drafts of this piece, Nick struggled most to convey to the reader his progression from arrogance to humility in this true account.

Akash Desai, from Jersey City, NJ, is a finance and accounting information systems major who enjoys creative writing and loves Lebron James. He enjoys exploring the city of Boston and is a dedicated member of SASA and Circle K. The assignment was a personal narrative and he chose to write this piece to share his story that changed his life. Living only miles away from the Freedom Tower, he is reminded everyday of how lucky he is to still have his parents cheering him on.

Lisa Gladysheva, a cheerful student from Brookline, Massachusetts, is a studio art and biology major. She loves thinking creatively and making both big things, like intricate clay animal sculptures, and little things, like birth cards and beaded bracelets, with her hands! She wrote this personal narrative about her experience entering kindergarten without knowing any English.

The first assignment of the semester was to write a personal narrative and the last assignment was to rewrite the same story in a new way. Lisa submitted the re-written version. For the first time, she told the story by comparing her experience with a non-English speaking girl that she taught in a summer camp. In the version she submitted, Lisa told the story through flashbacks from her room which allowed her to incorporate more details rather than focusing on the summer camp. She really enjoyed telling the same story in a different way because it really made her think and be creative!

Cole Griesedieck is from St. Louis, Missouri. She is an undecided student in the College of Arts & Sciences leaning toward psychology. Her favorite first-year class was Introduction to Psychology as a Social Science with Professor Moore (he’s awesome!). She loves funky music, poetry, and the beach. She wrote this position paper in response to an article discussing America’s response to Hurricane Katrina.

This position paper was different than previous papers she had written in high school. Instead of simply stating her position and giving three supporting reasons, Professor Ehrich encouraged her to develop a position throughout the course of the essay. Instead of stating unconnected reasons at the beginning of each paragraph to support a position, each reason built on the last so that the final reason was the most dramatic of all. Although she was unsure about the method at first, she now sees that it worked in her favor to make a stronger overall argument.

Daniela Hargus is from local Sundbury, Massachusetts and will forever be a Boston sports fan. She is currently majoring in Economics and Political Science and enjoys basketball, running, and volunteering with 4Boston at BC. Her essay was a personal narrative descriving a place where she felt at home.

Maggie Harrington is from Winchester, Massachusetts. She is a psychology major who enjoys hanging out with her Cura and Appalachia groups, doing yoga, and attending Buddhism club. Other hobbies include procrastinating with her roommate, knitting, and quoting Parks and Recreation incessantly.

Meghan Hornblower is from Southborough, MA and her favorite class her first year was Dramatic Structure and Theatrical Process, which led her to apply for a summer study abroad program in London. In London, she discovered a passion for writing and is thinking about declaring English as her second major. She decided to use one of her other passions, hip-hop dance, to write this research paper regarding gender. In the process of writing this essay, she decided to focus only on the male image in hip-hop music rather than the portrayal of both men and women.

Hanna Hunstad, from Rochester, MI, is an economics major and mathematics minor. She wrote this essay in response to an assignment that called for a personal narrative. She is on the swimming team and also enjoys running. Hanna’s favorite class freshman year was, in fact, Freshman Writing Seminar.

“When What Happened, Happened” is a personal narrative. Hanna had never really talked about her sister’s death to anyone, let alone ever write about it. Professor Wrecker pushed her to write about something that REALLY mattered. After Hanna drafted up essays about things that “sort-of” mattered to her, she noticed that, honestly, they just weren’t good. So, she sat down and just wrote. For the first time, she let her feelings just flow through her writing. This essay and this class really made Hanna think about writing in a different, more enjoyable way.

Cora Ives left Chicago to study math and physics at BC. She likes yoga and sushi, and prefers O’Neill to Bapst. She plays ukelele for BC’s Jammin’ Toast, spins records at WZBC, and runs in her free time.

MaryEllen Krah is from Medfield, Massachusetts and is studying Elementary Education and Math in hopes of becoming a middle school math teacher. In addition to working with kids, MaryEllen loves to run, read, and spend time at the beach. Her favorite class freshman year was PULSE with Professor McMenamin. She wrote this essays as a cultural analysis paper.

This essay prompt was to research an on-campus group and analyze, with the support of secondary sources, the effects it has on campus. MaryEllen had to conduct interviews with group members and, during the revision process, she focused on her secondary sources as support for her argument.

Amanda Kusztos is a biology major from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Her bucket list includes running the Boston Marathon, traveling to all seven continents of the world, and seeing Coldplay in concert. This piece is a personal narrative she wrote that was inspired by a family meltdown.

The process of writing this essay included many revisions and addition, but from the beginning she knew that she wanted to work with the two scenes that took place in the desert and on the wharf. It was suggested that she work a more compete background of my father into the narrative, and thus she chose the memory of him standing in front of his mother’s grave as the third piece of the story because I felt it tied together his past and present very well. Writing this personal narrative was a unique experience for Amanda because it allowed her to analyze her father in a new way; it was a challenge to convey to the reader the subtleties of his personality.

Nick Martin is from Cleveland, Ohio to which he is a devoted sports fan and, despite years of losing seasons, is optimistic about the future. He’s pursuing a double major in Applied Psychology in the Lynch School and Art History in the College of Arts and Sciences. With a passionate interest in art history and museums, Nick wrote this documented essay to discuss contemporary issues of art repatriation.

The documented essay Nick write attempts to iron out some of the questions/concerns a novice in art or art history may have regarding art repatriation or the return of an artistic/historic object to its country or culture of origin. When he first began writing, he was very driven and wrote several pages without research. The ones he did write with research tried to tack too many cases. Upon peer and instructor revision, Nick calmed his voice and made much more efficient use of his sources. Professor Donovan-Kranz made it clear that his scope was too broad. IN less than a ten-page paper, he had been trying to tackle over half a dozen issues of art repatriation, each from different cultures and spanning a few millennia. Another aspect of the paper he spent time working on was creating a separation between his voice and his sources.

Katherine McNally is an English major from Concord, Massachusetts. Last year, she spread her time between volunteering at the Campus School, working as a tutor, meeting many new and fascinating people, and discovering all Boston College has to offer to its wonderful students. Katherine drafted this essay as a response to a prompt for a creative personal narrative.

An assignment for a personal narrative prompted this essay. Furthermore, Katherine’s professor, Kristin Imre, encouraged students to creatively integrate unexpected and interesting details into the pieces. In order to take these writing risks, Katherine completed many drafts for this essay. She started with a few bulleted ideas of short, choppy moments in time and expounded on them to create a larger landscape for the story. In general, Katherine enjoys writing with descriptive language, and thus incorporated details with great expression, adding length and imagery to the piece. Peer editors implied that the essay was a bit confusing, but Katherine decided to remain steadfast in this usual writing style. This narrative was challenging to write, but extremely rewarding to finish.

Maggy Mulhern is from Longmeadow, MA. She is studying English and Political Science but that could change any day. She likes skiing, biking, and bumbling around on the Ultimate Frisbee field. This essay was a personal narrative describing a turning point in her education. The writing process included copious peer edits and many trips to the writing center.

Lauren Nilles is from St. Louis, Missouri and has loved spending her freshman year and the summer after on the East Coast (in Boston and Nantucket, respectively). She is an English major with an interest in Economics and is looking forward to being a campus tour guide this year!

Lauren wrote this essay to complete her portfolio requirement for a textual analysis of an image. She really enjoyed looking at the details of specific pictures and doing research to give concrete support for the feelings she had while looking at the photographs. She first found a set of photographs that interested her and went through several different drafts in order to incorporate as much research as possible. Peer reviewing played a huge role in my writing process as I discovered that some things she write which were clear to her were not as obvious to an outside party.

Anna Olcott is an English major from Cresskil, NJ. She enjoys cheesy sitcoms, cooking, and anything by Junot Diaz. This essay is a policy analysis paper, but the inspiration for it came from her own high school experience.

Tom Reid is from Memphis, TN and is a newly declared Environmental Geoscience major. A couple of highlights of his college experience so far were getting the opportunity to pilot a submarine through the Naval ROTC program and experiencing Marathon Monday! This assignment was a personal narrative essay.

Tom began writing this essay in class as a reflective exercise. The first paragraph he wrote actually ended up near the conclusion of the essay. As I thought more and more about the assignment, he came up with the idea to tie a fond story of his from childhood in with the personal growth he is making now. It took a lot of time discussing and reviewing the essay with his professor and one of his good friends in the class to make it into the final draft that it is now.

Jackson Rettig is originally from Chicago, IL but recently moved to Montrose, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. He is in CSOM pursuing a concentration in Marketing, is a team member of Arrupe Jamaica, and works as a team manager with the BC Women’s Basketball team.
Jackson wrote this essay in response to an assignment given by Professor Susan Roberts requiring students to analyze a text of any kind (literature, music, art, etc). After scrapping his original essay examining his own nature photograph, he changed his focus to the ruby slippers (of all things!).

Olivia Spadola is from Cheshire, CT and is a student in the Connel School of Nursing. Drawing inspiration from being a student in PULSE, she says that her words for this education policy paper flowed easily because of her inclination towards learning about health care and understanding the reality of the hardships in her community. She looks forward to learning about communities not so close to home by participating in the Arrupe International Exchange Program.