Volume 15

Volume 15


In Over My Head, by Nicholas Charbonneau
The First Lap, by Cora Ives
Fresh Footprints, by Thomas (Tom) Reid
O Captain! My Captain!, by Margaret (Maggie) Harrington
The Only Four Words, by Akash Desai
Clam Chowder for the Soul, by Amanda Kusztos
Celestial Images: Concussed, Confused & Out of Control, by Katherine McNally


Holding my Darakonchik, by Vasilisa Gladysheva
Samantha and Me, by Daniela Hargus
A Dude Named David, by Brysen Boyd
When What Happened, Happened, by Hanna Hunstad
The Importance of the Letter C, by Margaret (Maggy) Mulhern


Ethnographic Study of ‘A Voice for Men’, by Lindsey Chou
Is Technology in Schools Still Working?, by Anna Olcott
Perspectives on US Foreign Policy During the Iraq War, by Akshata Bailkeri
The America We Know But Avoid, by Cole Griesedieck

Researched Explorations

Effect of School-Based Health Centers on Education, by Olivia Spadola
The Remarkable, Rare Rubies, by Jackson Rettig
What’s Mine is (not) Yours: The Reality of Art Repatriation, by Nick Martin

Cultural and Visual Analysis

A Hint of Spanish, by MaryEllen Krah
Ask Not What Your Husband Can Do For You, But What You Can Cover Up For Your Husband, by Lauren Nilles
Hip-Hop, Masculinity, and Capitalism: Black Expression or White Categorization, by Meghan Hornblower

Contributors’ Notes