Volume 17: Table of Contents

* denotes Dever award winner

Cultural Analysis

The Story of a Hyphenated American, by Mihret Zemedkun
Solo Women Traveling Abroad*, by Michaela Gacnik
Why Do We Selectively Mourn Tragedies?*, by Benjamin Wolter
Looking into the BC Look Away, by Maggie Flaherty

Textual and Literary Analysis

The Ambivalent Adventures of Huck Finn*, by Kelly Stone
Reflections of Racism: Twain’s Huckleberry Finn Then and Now*, by Rose Sandra Soivilien
Mirrors Are Made To Show Reflections, by Olivia Palmer
Entrenched: Gender Stereotypes in O’Brien’s The Things They Carried, by Allie Coon

Documented Essay

Age of Consent: Protector of Lolitas or Outdated and Inaccessible Legislation, by Maddie Nation
Hillary Clinton: Soliciting the Young Women’s Vote, by Sydney Conti
Analyzing #Ferguson, by Alison Hill
Intellectualism in American Folklore, by Christopher Joseph


Hail Alma Mater*, by Jack Sullivan
Anxiety and Germany: A History, by Jessica Murray
Masks*, by Anthony Docanto
“Hi, kifak, ça va, my consultant?”, by Louise Nessralla

Personal Narrative

The Masks We Wear, by Josephine Mahoney
ADHD, a Balancing Act, by Kevin Heppner
Gladiators, by Kyle Bowman
Our First Day of School Photo Shoot, by Carol Porge

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