Volume 18

*denotes a Dever award winner

Textual Analysis 

Prescribed Masculinity in Diaz’s The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, by Seung Hwan Kim
Who Is Telling the Truth in Shelley’s Frankenstein?, by Austin Pilgrim
Exploring the Myth of the Model Minority in Lee’s Native Speaker, by John Reim
Secrets and Understanding in Bechdel’s Fun Home, by Maddie Coleman
Waste to Potatoes, by Emma Riemer*

Personal Narrative

(In the name of) Modern Family, by Fidelia Ge
My Mao Ku and Ripped Jeans: Wearing Two Cultures, by Jiawei Peng
My Pattern with Patterns: A Kind of Love Story, by Jack Glynn
A Dash of Salt, by Julia Nascimben*

Cultural Analysis

Emergency! Gender and Racial Equality in TV Medical Dramas, by Ella Voss
A Dose of Reality: Racial Discrimination in US Housing, by Hannah Petry*
Objective or Biased? The Economics of Our Modern Media, by Michael Kelley
The Harm of Muslim Stereotypes: An Interview with BC’s Fatmah Berikaa, by Vincent Ferruci
“Slut”: A History and a Reckoning, by Anabel Johnson

Documented Essay

Because We are Not Mushrooms: A Physiological and Psychoanalytic Approach to Attraction, by Iulia Boboc
Where is the Equity in China’s “One Child Policy”?, by Nicholas Wong
When Anyone’s an Author: A Cultural Analysis of Self-Publishing, by Margherita Bassi
Today’s Tangled Web: Long Distance Relationships and Social Media, by Doreen Gong

Classroom Writing

Contributors’ Notes