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Gabriella Haedelt ’21 – Editor-In-Chief


Sophia Pandelidis ’21 – Associate Editor

Eric LeBlanc ’22 – Associate Editor

Jacob Yeskis ’21 – Associate Editor

Professor Eileen Donovan-Kranz – Managing Editor

Elsie – Mascot-In-Chief

Thank You, From The Managing Editor

Thank you for visiting our site, bcfreshink.com, home of Fresh Ink: Essays from Boston College’s First-Year Writers. 

This is Issue 20 and in light of our times, our theme is “personal perspectives.”

Issue 20 Staff:

Editor-In-Chief: Gabriella Haedelt ’21

Associate Editors: Chandler Ford ’19, Sophia Pandelidis ’21, Eric LeBlanc ’22, and Jacob Yeskis ’21

Our website is elegantly designed and maintained by Professor Christopher Boucher. Professor Eileen Donovan-Kranz is the Managing Editor of Fresh Ink.

Fresh Ink—formerly an annual print compilation chosen from student submissions—was first published in 1993 for use in Boston College’s First-Year Writing Seminar classrooms. The goal: to celebrate the depth and variety of student writing produced in the course, and to stimulate classroom conversation of that nonfiction and scholarly work among student readers. Today Fresh Ink: Essays from BC’s First-Year Writers includes select writing by first-year writers in all English Core classrooms. Fresh Ink thus celebrates the depth and variety of student writing produced in our English courses and aims to stimulate classroom conversation of that nonfiction and scholarly work among student readers.

From the beginning, Fresh Ink has been just one text among many used by instructors of first-year students in English, yet this text holds a special place. Students report fierce attachment to and successful interactions with the writing produced by their own peers. In assigning Fresh Ink essays (i.e., real work from student writers), instructors report success in teaching rhetorical strategies across nonfiction genres.  Student readers of Fresh Ink respond positively to the introduction of student texts, and many student writers reportedly set goals of submitting their own strongest work for consideration by the journal. Are these essays models? Perhaps, though the editors prefer to see them as examples—examples of real writing for real readers—with essays that range from ethnographies, meditations, literary analyses and responses, documented analyses, narratives, cultural critiques, satires, scholarly arguments and more.

Over the years this electronic journal (and its earlier print edition) has been put into use by other universities, been the subject of study within the field of composition, and inspired imitation on other campuses. Some student authors have seen their essays reprinted in composition textbooks and in Boston College Magazine.

Fresh Ink wouldn’t exist without:

  • our contributors. First-year students send us their essays and we choose essays that work well together for each issue. We are grateful to read every essay and look forward to hearing from current writers.
  • the English Department, chaired by Amy Boesky, the Institute for Liberal Arts, chaired by Mary Crane, and the Undergraduate Research Fellowship program that enables us to work with student editors. We thank the First-Year Writing Program, directed by Paula Mathieu, the Literature Core Program, directed by Eileen Donovan-Kranz, the English Language Learners Program, directed by Lynne Anderson, and the Core Renewal Program, directed by Brian Gareau.
  • Lad Tobin who, while Director of First-Year Writing, founded Fresh Ink along with Eileen Donovan-Kranz, then Associate Director, and continued to co-edit the annual compilation for use in the First-Year Writing Seminar for well over a decade. Treseanne Ainsworth, Beth Dacey, and Erin Costello Wecker each co-edited one edition with Eileen Donovan-Kranz as well.
  • the instructors of all Core English courses, who lead first-year students each year through a world of reading and writing assignments.

Fresh Ink published its first online edition (Edition 13) in the fall of 2010 and moved to this current format and snazzy look in 2014. Many, many folks have contributed to the production of Fresh Ink in the past.

Alumni Staff:


Associate Editor: Chandler Ford ’19


Senior Editor: Lauren Bagger ’18

Senior Editor: Emma Winters ’18


Editor: Andrea (Anna) Fitzgerald ‘17,

Assistant Editor: Michelle Fitzpatrick ’18

Associate Editor, Kaitlin Astrella ’16.

Editorial Assistant: Layla Aboukhater ‘18


Editor: Jaqueline Parisi

Associate Editor: Michael DiFronzo

Please note: bcfreshink.com provides instructors with new work from student writers, as well as an archive of many previous editions.  And video compilations and interviews! Fresh Ink online is an open journal, and thus publicly accessible.

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Eileen Donovan-Kranz
Associate Professor of the Practice of English
Managing Editor, Fresh Ink

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