Contributors’ Notes

Jennessa Bryson is an English major and a Faith, Peace and Justice minor. Writing is one of her deepest passions. She enjoys creative nonfiction, and poetry has a special place in her heart, but she is also into a whole slew of other things, including hiking, making music with friends, and photography: you can often find her immured in the red glow of the darkroom here, amateurly attempting to develop her rolls of film. Spreading awareness of causes that are near and dear to Jennessa is what gets her out of bed every morning, though she is decidedly an unmorning person.

Alexis Burns, class of 2021, is a snowbird from Lakewood Ranch, Florida and Portland, Maine. She is an environmental geoscience and political science double major, and is pursuing a career as an environmental lawyer. Alexis enjoys teaching Zumba, scuba diving, surfing, discovering Boston, and reading.

Lindsey Burns is from Everett, Massachusetts, and is a Biology major with a minor in Medical Humanities. She is also a dancer and choreographer on DOBC (the Dance Organization of Boston College).

Shantelle Gurley is the product of a very diverse and dynamic family. Shantelle grew up in the small town of Bridgewater Massachusetts, where she was surrounded by the bells of Bridgewater State University and the silence of a predominantly Caucasian town. She was raised by a village that consisted of her single mother, grandparents, three sisters and a list of extended family. As a biracial woman placed in such an intricate and non traditional household, she found that writing was a way to share her own opinions, but also the timeless lessons learned by her village. The unwavering support and hard work from her mother, firm love from her grandparents and memories with her mentors led her to Boston College. Here, she represents an unprecedented path for the Gurley family; a first generation college student. As of now she is an English major on a pre-law track, but hopes to work alongside men and women who are searching for citizenship in the US through immigration law. She recently found a passion for teaching the youth of America about the complexities of the theory of race culture and intersectionality. Currently, she works as a teacher’s aid at Stonehill College, volunteer at St. Stephens youth center as an SAT instructor and spends time mentoring a young girl through the BC Bigs program. She wishes to open a new world of thinking, challenging her students to place deep thought into their way of life and open tough dialogue surrounding race because we work better together than we do individually. Remember, there is a difference between helping and serving.

Zhiyuan “Steve” Huang is a Computer Science B.A. major from Shanghai, China. Though having no particular interest in creative writing, he was required to take a freshman writing seminar as an English language learner. As a part of the class, this assignment asked him to observe a subculture around BC from the perspective of an outsider. He chose to write about this group and attend this particular event due to convenience rather than interest, only to learn that there’s so much around BC that is yet to be discovered.

Eleni Krupinski, Class of 2021, is a Communication major in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences with a minor in Management and Leadership. She grew up in Athens, Greece and moved to Wellesley, MA where she graduated from Wellesley High School. One of the activities that she enjoys most on campus is singing with the University Chorale of Boston College, which she joined last year, as she is passionate about the arts and especially music.

Ryan Leach is from Lynnfield, Massachusetts. He is a double major in History and Political Science, and a founding member of the Boston College Society of Historians. When not studying or writing, he enjoys finding unique places to hang out around Boston.

Angela Loh was born and raised in Novi, Michigan, but she spent her middle and high school years living in Shanghai, China. Angela loves reading autobiographies (particularly about inventors and entrepreneurs), and she seeks joy and meaning in thinking about how technology and science are going to revolutionize the world. Angela aspires to be an engineer in the future and further her understanding of the ways in which people can bridge the gap between science and humanitarian work.

Olivia Mosholt is from Middletown, NJ. She is a communications major. She used to love reading and writing but lost the love for it in highschool when writing became methodical and boring. First year writing allowed her to rediscover her love for writing thanks to Professor Katherine Doar who encouraged creativity and freedom of self to shine through in her students’ writing.

John O’Connor is an English major in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences. He is from Pennington, New Jersey. In his free time here at Boston College he enjoys playing rugby for the Boston College Men’s Rugby Club and hanging out with his friends. Though he is far from decided on any one career path, he does have an interest in pursuing a career in writing.  Specifically, he is interested in working at news outlets such as The Ringer.

Marc Occhipinti an only child originally from Scotch Plains, NJ, is studying Accounting and Business Analytics within CSOM. Outside of class, he has a passion for sports. He writes for the sports section of the Heights, attends many BC games, and plays numerous intramural sports. While he is a big New York sports fan (Giants and Yankees), he loves going into Boston on the weekends and is thinking about relocating here permanently after graduation.

Fitgee Jean-Pierre is currently studying finance in the Carroll School of Management, knowing full well that he is “lost” to the business world, as many writing teachers have lamented as soon as he told them his major. He is the son of two Haitian immigrants who have pushed him throughout his life to obtain an education and in turn use the money from whatever job he gets to take care of them when they are older and pay for their eventual vacation to Haiti.

Kerry Schiller is from Long Island, NY. She is a nursing major, currently hoping to work in pediatrics or neonatal intensive care. When she’s not busy with nursing, she loves volunteering, working with kids, and having fun with her friends.

Anirudh Sharma is from New Delhi, India and is concentrating in Finance and Operations Management in the Carroll School of Management with minors in Theology and Philosophy.  He is interested in immersing himself into the world of Financial Consulting and Investments analysis, while still nurturing his passion for moral and ethical inquiry. Anirudh also loves to write and is a junior contributing writer for SnoQap Financial, which is a literary journal outside BC. In his free time he likes to watch cricket, read graphic novels and play soccer.  Anirudh is grateful to be a part of Fresh Ink’s 20th Issue and is excited to have a positive impact on the community through his writing.

Yinuo Shi hails from Hefei, China. Roald Dahl and Shakespeare lights up their eyes. The enigma that is the human brain also fascinates Yinuo. Rain sucks, but snow is great.

Jillian Skerry is from Dedham, Massachusetts. She is an English major and a marketing minor. Jillian is also a member of Boston College’s cross country and track teams. Outside of running far too many miles, she enjoys cooking, listening to podcasts, and joking about her love of cottage cheese.

Victoria Stoia grew up in Newton, Massachusetts and graduated from Newton South High School. She was the captain of the women’s varsity ice hockey team while at Newton South, and currently teaches skating. Enrolled in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, she is pursuing a major in English with a minor in marketing. After earning her BA, Victoria intends to apply to law school.

Yilin Sun is currently a sophomore double majoring in political science and mathematics at BC. Yilin grew up in Beijing, China whose favorite thing to do in their free time is read fantasies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Though I grew up in another country, I started to learn English as a language when I was five, and have always enjoyed creative writing. My favorite things about BC are the bean bag chairs in the basement of Gasson and the answer wall on the third floor of O’Neill.

Caitlin Vasington is a sophomore, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Finance. She was born and raised in Bolton, MA, a small town with more apple trees than people! Caitlin recently moved to Rockport, MA, and is enjoying life on the North Shore. In her free time she works as an EMT and writes satire for The New England Classic. In the future, she hopes to find a career in either finance or government work.

Sofia Vittoria is from Riverside, CT where she grew up as the oldest child to her two younger brothers. Being the only girl in her family, as well as noticing some clear examples of gender inequality in her own life, led Sofia to her interest in issues on the role of gender in society. As a political science student, she has been able to focus on these issues as a part of her studies. Sofia loves music and has been singing since she was about eight years old, even getting the chance to sing on the stage at Carnegie Hall with her choir group in middle school. The first few years of her life Sofia lived in New York City; she is privileged to still live close enough to travel frequently into the city to explore art exhibits and attend musical performances. At Boston College, Sofia works with the students of the Coolidge Corner School as well as other freshmen and sophomores in the Emerging Leaders Program. One day she hopes to travel to India, Brazil and Japan.

Lily Wood is from New York City, New York, approximately two blocks from where Seinfeld takes place. She is an International Studies major with a French minor. She enjoys summer and not being outside in the winter and avidly believes the weather is not talked about nearly enough.